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Profit. Power. Pursuit. is a podcast about the nitty-gritty details of how small business owners really manage their time, get new customers, develop outstanding products, and build their teams, hosted by Tara Gentile and produced by CreativeLive.

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Nilofer Merchant on Profit. Power. Pursuit. with Tara Gentile

The Essential Entrepreneurial Mindset with Nilofer Merchant

Ever get the feeling you’re not “big” enough to make your business work? Maybe someone has even told you that you’re not good enough. Nilofer Merchant shares how she turned that thinking on its head.

Joanna Weibe

Turning Customer Research Into a New Product with Copy Hackers & Airstory Co-Founder Joanna Wiebe

Wonder how a superstar copywriter uses customer research to create products, messages, and marketing that generate sales? Joanna Wiebe gives you a detailed look at her exact process.

Building Relationships and Communities to Fuel Your Business with Justin Shiels on Profit. Power. Pursuit. with Tara Gentile

Building Relationships & Communities to Fuel Your Business with Justin Shiels

Growing a small business is all about who you know. So how do you meet the people who can challenge you and help you succeed? Justin Shiels, founder of Curious Tribe, shares his personal networking techniques.

“No fluff. All business. Tangible takeaways from every episode. I can’t get enough!”
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Growing an Agency with Aeolidia Founder Arianne Foulks on Profit. Power. Pursuit. with Tara Gentile

Growing an Agency with Aeolidia Founder Arianne Foulks

Growing a team and handing over control to someone else can be a big sticking point as your small business grows. Arianne Foulks, the founder of web design agency Aeolidia, shares how her agency has evolved and how team members add to her process.

Analyzing Your Business Finances with Corey Whitaker & Parker Stevenson from Evolved Finance on Profit. Power. Pursuit. with Tara Gentile

Analyzing Business Financials with Evolved Finance Founders Corey Whitaker & Parker Stevenson

If you want to grow your business, you’ve got to know your numbers. Tara’s own financial team, Evolved Finance, shares how they track the cash in their business from budgeting to cash flow to profit & loss reports.


Using Public Speaking to Grow Your Business with Dr. Michelle Mazur

Public speaking puts your message in front of hundreds or thousands of potential customers at a time. Speech coach Dr. Michelle Mazur shares her own process for getting gigs & negotiating rates.

Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss on Profit. Power. Pursuit.

Uncovering Your Brand with Being Boss Co-Founder Kathleen Shannon

Marketing your busines with authenticity is paramount in today’s market. But how do you find a voice & an identity that’s truly yours? Kathleen Shannon shares her process.

Jodi and Jason Womack on Profit. Power. Pursuit. with Tara Gentile

Finding Momentum & Engineer Productivity with Jody & Jason Womack

Finding enough hours in the day to grow your business might be your biggest challenge. Jason & Jody Womack offer the practical solutions they implement every day to ensure they’re focused on the work that counts.

Jasmine Star, photographer & blogger, on Profit. Power. Pursuit. with Tara Gentile

Pivoting Your Small Business with Jasmine Star

Ready for a change? Almost every small business needs to make a pivot at one time or another. Jasmine Star shares how she’s navigating a major business pivot.

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