Hi, I’m Tara Gentile.

I don’t do gimmicks and I’m allergic to fluff.

You don’t have enough time to keep up with all the latest fads in marketing, product development, or sales. That’s why I help you eliminate the need to always stay on top of the “latest and greatest” by guiding you through creating strategic, personalized plans so you can reach your ambitious business goals.

When you have a strategic, personalized plan, your business is always ahead of the curve without wasting time keeping up with the crowd. 

You can focus on your customers and your big ideas instead of sifting through piles of new information.

I’ve been at this for well over 7 years and I know that the business owners who succeed are the ones that keep their eyes focused on the prize and their actions true to an intentional, discerning plan.

I’m the creator of Quiet Power Strategy® and the host of Profit. Power. Pursuit.

My work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Inc, DailyWorth, and DesignSponge. I speak on stages around the world about money, marketing, entrepreneurship, and the New Economy. I’m also a bestselling CreativeLive instructor and the author of 4 short books on doing business today.

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I’m a geek.

I love science fiction and fantasy (television, movies, and books). I adore craft beer (my favorite hops are citra) and I can match wits with any beer bro at the pub. I managed a couple of coffee shops back in the day and you can call me a coffee snob, too.

I’m also a business geek. I live to better understand revenue models, marketing messages, and conversion optimization. I devour books, case studies, market trend reports, and stories from the trenches so you don’t have to.

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Get in touch.

My team and I would love to hear about what you’re working on and how we can help.

If you’re organizing an event for business owners, freelancers, or small business vendors and you’re looking for a dynamic speaker, I’d love to hear from you. I’m available for keynotes, personalized workshops, and presentations.

I’m available for interviews and research for media articles and segments. 

Speaking, Media, and Interview Inquiries

I’ve worked with Tara Gentile for almost two years.  She is both a commanding speaker and an engaging teacher.  She finds ways to connect with her audience members whether they are listening to her in person or over the internet, and is genuinely interested in their questions, concerns, and growth.  The ability to engage with people watching halfway across the world and turn them into one community is unique and special, and Tara has this ability in spades.
Elizabeth Madariaga

Course Producer, Coursera

Now I have a business strategy, not just a business running on a hope and a prayer. Honestly, I feel like everything has changed! Tara has had a profound impact on not only how I run my business, but on what I believe it can become. Thank you, Tara!

Whitney Hess

Writer, Speaker, User Experience Coach