About Tara Gentile

Business Strategist & Creator of Quiet Power Strategy™

Every day, you add more marketing tactics, product ideas, and goals to your notebook. You’re distracted from your purpose and drained by all the options. All the while, your big idea—that thing you really want to be working on–is waiting. And the more you lose yourself and your idea in the weeds, the more likely you are to fail.

The good news is that there’s a better way to run your business: yours. Your Quiet Power Strategy™ taps into your strengths and gives you the ability to lead yourself where you want to go. It’s a plan for What You Want to Create and How You Want to Connect–and how that’s going to lead to the business growth that brings you the income, influence, and impact you crave.

I’m Tara Gentile and I work with entrepreneurs to design their personal Quiet Power Strategy. I combine intense focus with uncompromising vision and strategy and teach others to do the same.

Now I have a business strategy, not just a business running on a hope and a prayer. Honestly, I feel like everything has changed! Tara has had a profound impact on not only how I run my business, but on what I believe it can become. Thank you, Tara!

Whitney Hess

Writer, Speaker, User Experience Coach

While others might have all the shiny new tactics and formulas, I’ll give you the ability to discern your next steps, edit your to-do list, and realize the ideas you love with less heartache or hassle. Your every day actions should get you closer to your target, not deeper into the weeds. Lead yourself, your business, and your audience using your own Quiet Power Strategy.

Contact us for speaking, interviews, and media opportunities: general AT taragentile DOT com


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Solo entrepreneurs, bootstrappers, freelancers, and joint ventures: Ready to get your hands dirty? Find out when the next Quiet Power Strategy business coaching program is running. It’s the best way to work with Tara and become the CEO of your own business. Click here for more information.

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Tara is clarity in action and you want that clarity. She has her smart mind trained on the on-line business world, learning, staying current with it, and then taking all that knowledge and helping you apply it to your business. I read all her stuff immediately, buy her products, and trust her insights and ideas. Tara is one of the few online businesses sources I trust.

Jennifer Louden

Author & Teacher, Savor & Serve

Tara Gentile motivates her listeners, readers, audiences with insight, honesty, enthusiasm and innovation. All delivered in a tone that is nervy and charming. There is no doubt our community needs her as the voice of creative small business reason.

Danielle Maveal

GM of Social Good, Bark & Co

On the phenomenal wave of self-driven creatives and DIY entrepreneurs, Tara Gentile is a pro-surfer. She’s tuned in and she’s stepping up to lead. Not only is she in the know, Tara has that kind of star quality and down-to-earth boldness that make people not only gravitate to her, but believe in her when she shines her light on them.

Danielle LaPorte

Author, The Desire Map & The Fire Start Sessions