I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s on your to do list today. I know you’re processing email, writing blog posts, crafting email marketing, meeting with clients, polishing sales copy, putting dinner on the table, and catching up on Downton Abbey.

Those to do lists are sacred documents, evidence of our shared chaotic lives. When your business approaches customers on terms that are top-of-mind, personally meaningful, and relevant to their daily concerns, you’re speaking the same language. Your customers will–finally–recognize why your product is something they need and not just something to think about.

Do you know what’s on your customer’s to do list?

How to Use Your Customers To Do Lists to Create Products That Sell Easily
Everyone is trying to get something done. Your business is tasked with making some of those things easier, hassle-free, cheaper, or more fulfilling. Whether it’s getting dressed & accessorized in the morning or dealing with a difficult situation at work with grace & ease, there are real opportunities where your customer “to do’s” and your products line up.

Your business’ vision can help foment a movement and get your potential customers to buy into the brave new world you are co-creating. But when it comes to actually getting people to buy, your business needs to ground its offers in the expressed needs and desires of your Most Valued Customers.

Turn your customers’ to do list items into the inspiration for a new product.

Take what you want to teach, the service you want to offer, or the product you want to create and figure out how it’s going to help your customer cross something off their list. That’s the ultimate measure of whether your idea is going to make their lives easier or just add to the overwhelm.

Every product is a tool. The bestselling tools help people do the things that are important to them faster, more easily, or with less expense. People naturally feel a sense of urgency to buy what you’re offering when they understand that it’s a tool for helping them get done what they already want to do.

When you’re ready to market and sell your product, make sure it’s crystal clear that you’ve designed this product to help your customers cross an item off their to do list. Use their language. Make it matter to them.

Today, jot down a to do list for your Most Valued Customer. Then consider how what your business offers helps your customers to check things off with greater ease, for less money, or in less time.

How can you use that knowledge to better position your products & create a no-brainer statement of value for your customers?