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How to Sell With a Story is the result of transforming my own business from one that was struggling to be seen & heard to a brand that gains more & more recognition daily.

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When I began blogging for business, I followed the same formula as others in my niche. But I soon learned that doing what everyone else was doing, doing it the “professional” way was boring and unremarkable. As I began to incorporate my own thoughts, feelings, life story, and opinions into my blog, it took off. Press opportunities, product ideas, and clients all came knocking on my virtual door. I stood out. I was different. I was relatable.

How to Sell with a Story is an ebook & workbook that will guide you through writing engaging content for your blog, website, or other content-driven marketing. Each chapter provides brainstorming ideas, concrete steps, must-have elements, and sales- oriented tips. You will create a killer “About Page,” generate keyword ideas based on your ideal customer, brainstorm post ideas, story-proof your website, and write product & service descriptions. All with the guidance of your personal story.

Business today is about passion. It’s about getting personal.
And it’s about you.

In the past, you’ve struggled when writing about yourself, your business, and your creative passion. It’s time consuming and more than a wee bit nerve wracking.

Make Your Marketing Work FOR You.

When your business tells your story, you know that you have created a machine that works for you and not against you. You avoid a lot of the drudgery simply because you’ve shaped your work to be what you love. You’ve targeted customers that you love to work with. You’ve created products that you love to sell.

A business that is built around your story allows you to use social media, blogs, and other marketing techniques not just as a way to get more sales or better customer interactions – although that will come – but as a way to support yourself in this game. Your blog becomes a way to track your progress, Twitter becomes a way to find like-minded folks to work with, Facebook becomes a place where business & pleasure combine. All because you’ve built your business around your personal story

I’ve made a habit – and a business – out of telling other people’s stories and helping them tell their own. If I write web copy for you, you’d pay $60-80 just for one short page. Working with me on a website starts at $1000. As these things go, that’s affordable. But it’s not in everyone’s budget. If you’re looking for a guided solution to make your biz marketing more engaging, customer focused, and personality- driven, How to Sell With a Story is for you.

About Tara Gentile

tara gentile

I’m Tara Gentile, the editor & head writer behind Scoutie Girl, the blog with a penchant for the passionately handmade. I’m in the process of building a web empire. True tale.

After giving birth to my little muse Lola, I took a big leap by quitting my job to spend time with her and get back to my true passion. You see, my degree is in Religion, complete with a minor in Music. While my skill set and qualifications may be many, it was difficult for employers to take my background seriously in a changing job market. But since the current job market wouldn’t have me, I changed the job market. I jumped into blogging – getting back to my passion for the written word – and learned WordPress inside and out. In short, I found a career that stimulates both the right & left halves of my brain. Gold mine.

When you’d rather spend more time creating, innovating, and achieving, you can count on me to bring you the whole package – from one maker to another.

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How to Sell With a Story is $47. $47 gets you step-by-step instructions, inspiration, and empowerment for creating engaging content for your website, blog, and social media. More engaging content means more devoted customers, more potential customers viewing your site, and the chance to make more sales over time.

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Need more?

The How to Sell with a Story includes lessons on:

  • writing an effective About Page
  • brainstorming blog post ideas for personal engagement & SEO success
  • making your business match your true passion by engaging customers around the stuff you really love
  • short-form storytelling for Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of social media
  • effective SEO that improves content while getting you found
  • writing product & service stories
  • identifying your ideal customer and writing just to her
  • story-proofing your website
  • dealing with the fear of putting yourself out there
  • combining personal story with useful information
  • NEW! a video presentation to walk you through writing those pesky about pages

Need even more?

When I started telling my own story, sharing my personal passion for deep thinking, and writing more creatively, I started landing amazing guest posts including on Daily Worth & ProBlogger. I have quadrupled Scoutie Girl’s blog traffic from 400 readers per day to 1600 readers per day. After redesigning my personal website to reflect my journey, stories, and philosophies, my business exploded and traffic to that site quadrupled as well. I have a more recognizable brand, a more loyal readership, and, frankly, more money in my pocket.

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I have followed problogger from his first series of 31 days, his next and his book, but what got me from your writing, is the way I feel you write for  women. I guess it’s a way (my way) of understanding the written words, and for me, this had been the best tool so far. I’m looking forward to get your next book.

Some of Tara’s more personal posts on Scoutie Girl have clarified issues for me that have been swirling around my head for quite awhile. She has a gift for putting into words the feelings I have about why I (and others) feel so strongly about making. This gift extends to me – it helps me zero in on a particular swirling topic and get it expressed on my blog. The awesomeness of this is that writing about issues helps me figure out why something is working, which ultimately leads to me working more/better/faster!
– Candy Glendening, Candied Fabrics

Tara has truly opened my eyes to how story telling can and will benefit any business owner. In this day and age, with competition around every corner, all you can sell is yourself. If it wasn’t for Tara’s storytelling teachings, I wouldn’t be as connected to and loved by my readers and friends.
— Justine Smith, Handmade Marketer

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this ebook and its potential to help you reach your content goals. While this ebook is a tool for you to use, I cannot and do not guarantee the results you see will be the same as mine or others. You control your own results.

Any and all liability is limited to the purchase price of this ebook.

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