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Big concepts, actionable ideas.

When Tara steps on stage, she both inspires the audience with fresh understanding of the opportunities around them and provides actionable ideas for leveraging those opportunities.

Tara speaks on entrepreneurship, money, marketing, and the New Economy. She will bring one of her signature talks on Quiet Power Strategy or Making Money Beautifully to your upcoming event, or craft a presentation especially for you and your audience.

I still feel quite emotional thinking about how that resonated with me…

roannedods“Tara spoke at our Small is Beautiful conference. She was awesome. I was expecting to be inspired–I had been following Tara for a while and several people came to the conference because she was on our speaking list. I hadn’t expected the visceral impact of what she said on me at a deep level–that deep place where personal and professional meet with a real truth. I still feel quite emotional thinking about how that resonated with me, and how it quite genuinely changed my practice.”

— Roanne Dods, Producer of Small is Beautiful in Glasgow, Scotland

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Tara is available for keynotes, breakouts, and workshops. She’s spoken everywhere from Portland to Philadelphia to Glasgow. Her audiences include entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, and students.

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