When Tara Mohr asked her community of brilliant women what they were frustrated with in their lives, the answer was loud & clear: playing small.

They were tired of second guessing themselves, their ideas, and their callings. They were ready to step into something… bigger.

And so, Playing Big, Tara’s signature program for cultivating a bigger life on your own terms, was born. She’s now empowered hundreds of women to channel their brilliance into bigger self-expression & actualization. As you’ll hear Tara say:

Playing big is a whole life strategy. Click to tweet!

Tara’s story is important to the You Economy because it’s a double whammy. Playing Big leveraged the one-to-one work Tara had been doing all along, allowing her to scale her vision, grow her community, and get on the national stage. But the idea of playing big and the skills it requires are also an inherently important part of realizing your own power in the You Economy.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • What does “playing big” mean?
  • “When women don’t hold back, they will naturally play huge.
  • How did women learn to play small in the first place?
  • What are some of the different ways women are playing big in this economic landscape?
  • Isn’t playing big exhausting?

To find out more about Playing Big, click here. Or visit Tara’s site and grab her 10 Rules for Brilliant Women — as seen on the Today Show.