Imagine this common scenario: Stella is a new business owner. She’s got impeccable skills, a passion for her work, and a unique set of insights into her market. She’s poised for success–and excited about sharing what she does with the world.

She develops her first offer, a one-on-one service with companion workbook that helps her customers make big steps toward their goals while giving them the tools they need to maintain their success. She gladly tells her network all about this new offer. She’s full of the kind of earnestness and zeal that really moves people to action, even if just one at a time.

As Stella is in business longer, she gets even better at what she does, grows her prospect list, and has many happy clients. However, things aren’t quite as exciting anymore.

Why? She feels like she needs to hustle more & more to maintain her revenue growth. It’s not so much that she doesn’t feel “successful” so much as she isn’t having as much fun growing the business.

She hustles and hustles. She develops new offers. She launches like a boss.

And she’s feeling burnt out.

That’s rough. Burnt out isn’t a fun place to be in your career. Especially when your business is largely dependent on you to keep it rolling.

Surely, there must be a way for Stella to reach her true revenue goals (they’re high!), to keep up the parts of her business that she loves, and to spend less time & energy on the maintenance of her business so that she can live her life own her own terms.

There is.

The “microbusiness earning plateau” is an extremely common problem. Hustle, hustle, hustle, and you just don’t get the same growth you used to get. On the outside you look successful, but on the inside you feel tired and spent.

It’s where I see a lot of microbusiness owners end up throwing the towel in. They just don’t see the path to the revenue and scale they thought was possible.

And that’s often when they come to me.

That’s when we start working on creating a business model that breathes. Marketing & sales activities pulse through its veins. Customer perspective feeds its soul.

The key to busting through the microbusiness earning plateau isn’t more offers (that’s just more work) and it’s not necessarily some signature program or ebook.

The key to busting through the microbusiness earning plateau and creating a business that helps you stick with this for the long haul is leveraging:

  • Prices that serve your customers.
  • Products or services that address their evolving needs.
  • And marketing & sales strategies that are designed for your freedom.

And that is the essence of a business model.

When you’re focused on creating, delivering, and exchanging value according to those three principles, you can kiss that microbusiness earning platue (and burn out, and frustration) good-bye.