Group Coaching: for seasoned entrepreneurs

The story of your business is being written.

Are you the author?

Or are you just turning the pages?

Business owners who are writing their own stories are engaging their passions, planning for success, captivating their customers, and creating products that sell themselves. They direct their businesses instead of their businesses directing them.

These are the business owners that always seem to have a great idea. The ones who feel like they’re speaking directly to you. The ones who see farther down the dirt road of entrepreneurship than you thought possible.

Writing your own business story requires a firm grasp on two distinct elements: the purpose or vision of your business (big picture stuff!) and the customers who make it possible (detail stuff!).

What happens in between is pure poetry.

And this is one time poetry & profit go together.

Is this the story you’re experiencing right now?

  • You don’t have a plan for your business. You take your work day by day without rest or confidence.
  • You are creating products & services just to throw them out & see what sticks.
  • You are foggy & unfocused around your ideas. You second guess your “good” ideas because they don’t have much of a foundation.
  • Your product line feels disconnected from your passion.
  • You’re doing okay but sense there is so much more [time, money, opportunity, leverage] available to you.

These are the problems I see every day. I’ve been working with the smartest-of-the-smart solo entrepreneurs for over a year now: MBAs, PhDs, and licensed professionals of all sorts. We have crafted launch strategies, designed brand stories, reworked pricing policies, and rediscovered passions. But it always comes back to resting the business foundation on the meaning of the work and the details of designing for their specific customer.

When we get that right, amazing things happen.

And when I say “amazing,” I mean highly profitable and hella exciting.

In this group coaching program, we will discover, define, and dig into the very purpose of your work. We will paint with broad strokes and allow our imaginations to run wild.

We will also create, craft, and connect with our customers. We will design fine details that inspire innovation & creativity.

This group coaching program is about building the foundation for your product or service development within a matrix of meaning & design so that:

  • You are planning strategically with confidence. In control.
  • You are attracting fascinating clients/customers who need exactly what you have to offer. Aligned.
  • Your passion is recharged. Revitalized.
  • You love making money. Elegant.

That’s what happens when you do business between the big beautiful picture of your purpose and the fine-tooth comb of detail & design.

We are connecting your creativity & intuition to the very roots of your business.

This is business building in your language.

How does this work?

This coaching program will take place over a series of four 90-minute LIVE calls. Each call will include teaching, guided brainstorming, an exercise to complete live on the line, and individual question & answer time.

January 12 – The setting of your story. Examine your vision for business.
January 19 – Listening to your customers. Create a dialogue that inspires you.
January 26 – The value of moving the story forward. Plot points that sell.
February 2 – The question you need to write your own success.
February 9 – Open Coaching Call

All calls are at 1:30pm Eastern. All calls will be recorded.

You’ll also receive extra exercises & homework to complete between each call. You should expect to treat your commitment to this program just as you would treat your commitment to a one-on-one coaching program.

Is this program right for you?

This program is right for you if you have been working in your business or field long enough to have strong opinions and experience to back them up. You should have the time to commit to thoroughly working through each week’s homework and applying the principles to your business strategy. You must have an unceasing passion (even if a bit disconnected) for what you do & a vision (even if fuzzy) for how it can have an impact on the world.

The principles of this program may be most easily applied to service-based businesses but creators of physical goods will also benefit immensely from the content & flow of the program.

If you’ve been on the fence about one-on-one coaching because of the price or because you’d like to plug in to more brains in a supportive environment, this is the program for you.

Alright, Tara, tell me how much…

The investment for this program is $500.

To work with me one-on-one, the cost would be $2125 for the same amount of time – so you save over 75% off the 1:1 fee.

You can also choose to pay in 2 payments of $250 – one due to register and one due by January 6.

There are only 12 seats in this program. When they’re gone, they’re gone (until next time, of course!). I need to keep the number enrolled extremely low so that I can deliver the support & care that each participant deserves.

Reserve your seat:

Are you all in?

Want to do group coaching and attend my live workshop in Philadelphia in February? Good call. Do both for an additional $750.

Reserve your seat:

Got questions?

I only want the right people in the right “now” for this group coaching experience. If you have questions about whether this program is right for you right now, please ask (hello at taragentile dot com).

Praise for Tara’s Teaching

Tara is on fire. She’s got a big message to share, and her speaking electrifies the room. She seamlessly threads her high-level principles together with immediately actionable ideas for her audience. She’s generous, genuine, and accessible – a true advocate for the entrepreneur, in every sense of the word. My audience got so much out of her razor sharp insight, and I’m thrilled to have had her as a speaker at my event.

— Ashley Sinclair, Self Activator

Praise for Tara’s Coaching

Tara is like your Fairy God Mother, but BETTER! She doesn’t work on the surface, but digs real deep, to the point of discomfort even, which shockingly helped me admit + forgive + untangle all the messiness that wasn’t allowing me to move forward, from good to great.
Tara’s laser sharp vision + strategic pragmatism is core-shaking + so empowering. My session with Tara is single handedly the wisest move I’ve made for my creative business.

Mayi Carles

Refund Policy

Refunds must be requested by October 27. No refunds will be granted after the program starts.