Last week, one of my current Website Kick Start students wrote to tell me that she had gotten her first job designing another person’s website. She’s only half-way through the course.

This isn’t the purpose of the course – although quite a few have used it that way – and she’s still got a lot of learning left to go. But it was her response to that learning – and the fear that goes with it – that made me literally yelp & clap out loud:

Part of me thinks I should feel nervous but the biggest part of me is excited and knowing I can kick some serious butt! Even if I have to stay up all night every night to figure it out. So happy for the experience and learning curve. Why wait, right?

If I have ever given you the impression that starting your own business is easy, that “making money online” is doesn’t require sweat & tears, that all you need is an ecourse & a few marketing books to make it big, I’m correcting the record right now.

Being in business for yourself means that there will be times when you have to stay up all night to learn the things the hard way. Or to teach yourself the skill you need to get the next gig. Or to write the book. Or to just finish the 57 unread emails that have piled up from just one business trip.

Of course, this isn’t just a business lesson, is it? This is the reality of “getting lucky” or making things look easy. Whatever spit & shine you see on the surface is just that: surface. In the depths of the true experience, there is all the all night. every night. of reality.

It’s the will to do what’s necessary.

Doing what’s necessary means learning hard lessons either through experience or hard-won education. There’s a steep learning curve. Unfortunately, we’ve been given the impression that learning things in adulthood shouldn’t be difficult. Learning things as adults is supposed to be a slow & easy climb towards greater understand.

Bull shit.

Growing into an adult, becoming a mom, building a business, learning new skills – I’ve been in the steepest learning curve of my life for about 4 years. The peak is nowhere to be seen.

And I’m so grateful.

I celebrate this learning curve. I embrace it. I cherish it.

Learning this is hard and I love it.

And I’m willing to stay up all night. every night. to continue climbing.

This is making your own luck. Creating the circumstances for ease. Rejoicing in all that is yet to be learned.

Not everyone sacrifices body & sanity in the realization of their dream. But we’ve all been willing.

Are you?


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