You Really Can Earn More With Less Work

Avoid stalling out, burning out, and dropping out on the way to
more money, more confidence, and more impact.


When you’re first starting off in business, you’ve got a great idea, a killer product or service to share with the world, and a seemingly unlimited amount of energy to tell people about it. You’re gaining new customers easily–even if it’s just one at a time. And you’re earning more money, quickly.

In fact, you might even be surprised how easy it is to double the revenue in your business over & over again, week by week, month by month.

And then, almost out of nowhere, you start to hit a wall.

Hustle suddenly feels less-than-exciting. You’re working harder and not seeing the same results.

That’s what we call the Microbusiness Earning Plateau. It can happen for many reasons. But here are three of the biggest.[/thst_one_half][thst_one_half_last]

Photo by Armosa Studios

Photo by Armosa Studios


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1. You confuse more offers with more revenue.


A common mistake we see with businesses that hit the Earning Plateau is to attribute their problems to a lack of stuff for their customers to buy. So they develop additional service packages, they turn courses into ebooks, they churn out new collections.

At first, that might help.

And then these entrepreneurs realize they’ve got a shelf full of offers they aren’t promoting or selling successfully. They’re frustrated that all this hard work is gathering dust and they’re no better off at the bank.

Your business might benefit from more offers, but only if those offers work together to serve the people who want what you have to offer.

In 10ThousandFeet, we help you create a Business Model Plan that includes systems for marketing and selling the right set of offers with ease.[/thst_two_third][thst_one_third_last]icon_22371[/thst_one_third_last]

2. You guide your business from your perspective.


As a turned-on creator, you’re excited about what you do. If you’re like us, you’re incredibly curious and engaged in your own exploration of the work you do on a daily basis.

And while that’s incredibly important to the sustainability of your business, it’s not what will get you past the Earning Plateau. One of the keys to busting through the Earning Plateau is to lead your business with an acute understanding of your customers, their values, and their desires.

True, your expert’s perspective will inform and support your business development, but it’s your customers’ perspective that will guide you in creating a business that earns more, impacts more lives, and is more full of ease for everyone involved.

In 10ThousandFeet, we walk you step-by-step through Tara’s Customer Perspective Process so that you’re never caught off guard by how your customers react to a product or marketing initiative.[/thst_two_third][thst_one_third_last]icon_817[/thst_one_third_last]

3. You wait for opportunities to present themselves.


By now, you can see how “hustle” isn’t the key to growth. Yet, selectively and strategically creating your own opportunities is.

Too many entrepreneurs wait to get noticed by the big blog, the influencer, the popular magazine. But those opportunities rarely happen by chance. Instead, they’re the result of a precise strategy for getting noticed.

And the opportunities that really successful business owners go after are the ones that get the most bang for the energetic buck.

In 10ThousandFeet, Brigitte guides you through a process of understanding your message, why it matters, and how to present it in a way that makes media & influencers take notice.[/thst_two_third][thst_one_third_last]icon_21430[/thst_one_third_last]

More impact. Less effort. That’s the name of the game.

If you’re like most business owners we encounter, you’re trying to hustle your way to the success you crave. Work, work, work. Network, network, network. Create, create, create.

In the bustle of building your business, it’s hard to take a bird’s eye view of it. You don’t really know if the parts are working together. You don’t really see how your customers are responding. You don’t really have a plan for earning past the hustle.

Hands-On Coaching for the Next Phase of Your Business

10ThousandFeet is a coaching & mastermind program that pulls you out of the trenches and gives you the big picture view on your business so that you can impact more lives and make more money all the while not working yourself into the ground.

In 10ThousandFeet, we support you as you soar above the hustle and bustle to get a good look at your business. We give you the tools you need to assess and plan for more success than you could imagine. And we coach you to use these tools to sustain and promote that success for years to come.

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Tools & Training That Produce Results


One 10ThousandFeet participant, Kate Swoboda, founder of the Courageous Living blog and creator of the Coaching Blueprint, used our tools to reimagine her popular coaching business guide into a self-sustaining community and coach training program.

She launched to rave review in Fall 2013 and the site is growing with a team of guest contributors.

And Kate is currently training 20 coaches-to-be in a year long beta program.

Kate recently told us she took off all summer, worked fewer hours throughout the year, and finally busted through the earning plateau that had kept her business stagnant for years.[/thst_two_third][thst_one_third_last]Kate Swoboda 10ThousandFeet

“Yes, increased sales have been part of this, but more importantly for me has been the increased confidence and ease in the marketing process, as well as having more energy, with less time wasted on guesswork.”


In our last session of 10ThousandFeet, Catherine Just, a photographer who’s work has been featured on the cover of National Geographic and the creator the Soul*Full Summit, needed guidance in integrating her passion for fine art photography with the niche she had started carving for herself in the personal growth space.

Now her business revolves around the art she loves to create. Sometimes this art takes the form of high-end commercial photography for brands like Danielle LaPorte, Kate Northrup, and Miguel Ruiz. Other times it takes the form of fine art photography that hangs in galleries. And still other times, it takes the form of helping others to create the photography they yearn to create, as in her new mentoring program, Empowered Photographer.

Catherine wrote us to say, “I’m so much more confident and less stressed out. I’ve stopped pushing and striving.” And all that at the same time she’s busy being a mom to a rambunctious 5 year old.[/thst_two_third][thst_one_third_last]Catherine Just - fine art photographer

“I learned to unlearn my own ways of doing business! They weren’t working. I stopped following the online entrepreneurial crowd and started to trust my own inner compass.”


Another 10ThousandFeet participant, Natasha Vorompiova, founder of, used our tools to turn her high-end business systems consultancy into a self-study program that allows her to help more entrepreneurs at once. In her initial program launch, she enrolled over 40 business owners in her program, dramatically increasing her potential profits for 2014.

A year before this incredibly successful launch, Natasha tried to launch a similar product at a much lower price. That launch flopped. Because she had a better understanding of her customer, a rock solid understanding of her business model, and a firm understanding of the value of her product, she created this killer offer.

Natasha emailed us to say that the training and coaching she received in 10ThousandFeet allowed her to create a product and sales copy that made her sales process a piece of cake.[/thst_two_third][thst_one_third_last]natasha

“I’ve never felt so grounded, focused and clear on the direction I am taking my business in. I’ve never felt so energized and inspired by my own mission. I’m grateful beyond words.”


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Other business programs get you off to a great start. But if you’ve already hung out your shingle, created your first offer, or have a solid vision for the way your want to help people, you need the support that will help you make your good ideas a great reality.

Through 10ThousandFeet, we’ll examine how all the parts of your business work together and give it a life of its own.


“This process is changing my freaking life!”

Have I told you lately that this process is changing my freaking life?! The audio lessons and homework have spurred me on and the clarity I now have around the business I want to build, not just this year but over the next five, is a bigger, fancier diamond than I even imagined uncovering!
– Laura Whitman, co-founder of Red Balloon Relations


“So much has fallen into place with ease.”

I didn’t lack confidence, but I totally lacked clarity. I was tentative to step forward because I couldn’t see where I was going – and I had no interest in charging down a murky path. So much has fallen into place with ease. I’m still working hard, but each piece is working with the other ones.
– Deirdre Walsh, Integrative Health Coach and Stress Resilience Specialist


“We can learn a great deal from each other.”

nancysherrI launched my first multimedia book during my time participating in 10ThousandFeet–Tara’s guidance was invaluable. I had lots of ongoing questions, and with her support, I was able to figure out a strategy and launch my book out into the world. Also, I’ve learned lots from other mastermind members in 10ThousandFeet. I’ve realized that we as entrepreneurs all largely struggle with the same challenges and can learn a great deal from each other.
– Nancy Sherr, Founder of Zestful Life with Nancy Sherr


“What usually took me months was happening in a few weeks…”

Throughout my time at 10KFeet, the evolution of my business kept unfolding and changing at an incredible rate. What usually took me months was happening in the course of a few weeks. I was revamping systems, developing offers (and a new business), building my team, all while creating the most beautiful websites of my design career. Clarity of purpose will do that.
– Amanda Farough, Founder & Creative Director of violetminded Media


10ThousandFeet business strategy is about creating a
healthy system of relationships, value, and growth.

We want to train you to think like a CEO, even as you continue to do the work you most love to do.

Trying to follow tactics without clear strategy is stressful. Clear strategy comes from understanding your business from the inside-out and the outside-in. It’s liberating.

You feel rich and abundant (not only in your bank account) as you create a business that adds up to more than the sum of its transactions. This is the approach that allows growth to be personal, leverage to be service, and commerce to be truly meaningful.

This is the 10ThousandFeet process.


  • 1.1 – Business Model Review
  • 1.2 – Onlyness Inventory
  • 1.3 – Customer Perspective Process 1


  • 2.1 – Customer Perspective Process 2
  • 2.2 – Business Model Plan & Rapid Prototyping
  • 2.3 – Declare Your Chief Initiative

Focus Inward

  • 3.1 – Team Building
  • 3.2 – Create Awareness Through Content
  • 3.3 – Business Mythology with Brigitte Lyons

Grow Your Movement

  • 4.1 – Build Your Network with Brigitte Lyons
  • 4.2 – Reach the Media with Brigitte Lyons
  • 4.3 – The View From Up Here

Each week, you receive pre-recorded guidance–the same guidance people pay $500 per hour for, a series of exercises to carefully build out the 10,000 ft view of your business, and personalized feedback from me.

You also have the opportunity to get support on any aspect of business strategy & execution during weekly group coaching calls.

Finally, you can join a micro-group so that you can mastermind with 2-3 other business owners and gain even more valuable support.

About Tara Gentile

taragentile_aboutTara Gentile is a business strategist who works & writes on the You Economy. She’s the creator of The Customer Perspective Process and the founder of Kick Start Labs, a microbusiness community & accelerator. She’s known for a service-driven approach to business that is highly strategic and well-researched. She’s been featured in the New York Times bestselling book, The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, Forbes, DailyWorth, Design*Sponge, US News & World Report, and YFS Magazine.

About Brigitte Lyons

Brigitte Lyons 1 cropBrigitte Lyons brings a background of amazing results from traditional public & media relations and a heart for the You Economy. She’s the founder of B, a forward-thinking PR agency that helps individuals and mission-driven organizations move people with their ideas.

In addition to working directly with clients on full-scale publicity programs, Brigitte mentors entrepreneurs and microbusinesses who are ready to build a bigger platform. Her mentees have gone on to get media coverage in a diverse array of publications, programs and websites, including, Refinery 29, Uppercase magazine, their local TV programs and more!

She is your guide to leveraging your business mythology, messaging, and the media to grow your platform and drive revenue.

“The strategic stuff is fun!”

10ThousandFeet is the mastermind I wanted when I founded my business three years ago. I excelled in my craft, but how would I do as a business owner? Too many programs keep you in the weeds by focusing on marketing tactics or blogging tips. These skills are useful, but they don’t actually help you think like a CEO.

To truly grow and leverage your business, you need to step back from your day-to-day operations regularly and assess the big picture. Plus, the strategic stuff is fun! I’m thrilled to be joining 10ThousandFeet as in instructor, and I can’t wait to see how your vision unfolds over the course of the summer.
– Brigitte Lyons, founder of B

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“I have this grounded process to go back to…”

rebeccabassching10ThousandFeet helped me to develop a lens for my business that is fresh, flexible, respectful, manageable and profitable. Instead of teaching a cookie-cutter program where one size fits all, you helped me see how I can best serve the people I am passionate about while staying true to my personal and professional values. You have set me up to flex and adapt as my client’s needs change. You also helped me look at things from both a macro and micro perspective so I can develop systems that meet my needs and best serve my clients.

Now I am able to expand my brick and mortar business to serve a greater number of people outside the San Diego area in ways I could never have imagined with confidence and clarity. And whenever I get off track, I have this grounded process to go back to and recalibrate – which will be often, I am sure.
– Rebecca Bass-Ching, Founder of Potentia Therapy